• Same day carpet cleaning
  • Environmentally-friendly products
  • Different methods depending on the carpet
  • Makes carpeting look and smell fresh
  • Quick and cost effective

Clean carpets make a happy home

There will come a time when your carpets need a detailed clean. Don't waste time with inferior cleaning methods, call us at Amazing Cleaners and let us perform a deep cleanse on your carpeting. We are highly proficient at cleaning all types of carpet and always leave expert results. 

How do we do this? 

To begin, we will examine the type of carpeting you have to determine the method of carpet cleaning that needs to be used. Once you are happy, we will clean the carpet using the appropriate solution which can involve hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning techniques.   

Hot water carpet cleans using extraction equipment 

A highly effective method of cleaning carpet, this involves using a professional carpet cleaner which fires hot water directly into the fibres of the carpet. At the same time, a powerful suction function removes the vast majority of the water along with all the dirty particles that have made a home in your carpet. Once complete your carpet looks fantastic and can be left to dry naturally. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning using specialist powder

Upon inspection, if our carpet cleaners think your carpeting is too fragile to have a hot water extraction they will suggest dry carpet cleaning. Your carpet technician will sprinkle a safe cleaning powder onto the carpet and work this in before vacuuming the carpeting., Again, this removes dirt that is trapped within the carpet and removes allergens, whilst restoring the look of the carpet without shrinking it. 

Both of these cleaning solutions are extremely effective and deliver fabulous results. We can advise you about which option is best for your carpets and provide you with advice on the day we visit you in your home.   

Ask about stain proofing your carpet

Once your carpets have been totally cleaned why not protect them and preserve their freshness? We can offer you a specialist stain proofing service that helps to keep dirt at bay and protects carpeting from staining in the future.  

Have combination cleaning 

Why not combine your carpet cleaning with our other cleaning services? If you are having a spring clean for example or need end of tenancy cleaning to get your deposit back, you could get your carpeting and flooring cleaned at the same time. It makes sense and it ensures all areas of the property are given a detailed clean from top to bottom which leaves it totally revitalised and refreshed. 

Book a carpet clean today

Amazing Cleaners offers expert carpet cleaning any day of the week. Simply get in touch with us to see how affordable it can be to book this service and ask us for a FREE quote. 

If you want to speak to us in person about carpet cleaning in London don't hesitate to call us on 0208 928 2020.