• All makes of oven cleaned
  • Ovens dismantled and detachable parts cleaned
  • Restores oven to near new standards
  • Includes racks and panels
  • Ready to use straight away!


Oven cleaning with none of the scrubbing

Are you tired of cooking with an oven that's covered in dirt and grime? If the sight of grease repulses you, and you can't see the interior of the cooker due to staining on the interior of the door, it's time to call us here at Amazing Cleaners.

Regular oven cleaning helps to reduce the risk of fires due to a build-up of fatty deposits. It also helps to prolong the life of your oven. You put the shine back on your oven after having it professionally cleaned and this is where can be of service to you. 

We can clean your oven to make it as good as new using our specialist dip tank to cleanse the greasiest parts. All areas of the oven will be cleaned to the highest possible standards and you will be left very pleased with the results.     

What does the oven clean involve? 

Amazing Cleaners bring everything with us when we visit your property to clean your oven. Our vehicles are equipped with specialist tanks where all removable parts are placed into a unique cleansing solution. All removable parts are carefully taken from the oven and placed into the tank which cleans them comprehensively, All non-removable parts are hand cleaned with a range of materials until we are totally satisfied with the results.   

We protect the areas around the oven during all cleaning processes. After the oven has been cleaned and the parts are retrieved from the dip tank, they are dried and your oven is then reassembled, ready for you to use straight away!

What are the advantages of an oven cleaning service? 

  • It's really quick 
  • The results are amazing
  • Your oven is healthier
  • You reduce the risk of fires
  • It can prolong the life of the cooker
  • There's no mess for you
  • The oven is good to go straight away

We clean any type of oven

Customers often ask us what types of oven can be cleaned and the simple truth is, any type of oven can be cleaned. Whether you have a single or double oven, a cooker hob, gas or electric stove, it can be cleaned by our expert oven cleaning services.   

Get a FREE quote for oven cleaning or to book the services of a professional oven cleaner call us today on 0208 928 2020.